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Why Isla Blanca is the spot to learn Kiteboarding in Cancun

On the look out for a kite boarding lesson: Something visitors should know and are not often informed of is that Isla Blanca is virtually the only place along the Riviera Maya that is actually safe to learn and practice kite boarding. The way the wind blows in Cancun the majority of the time is either a north, south, east or southeast wind direction. In the winter time we have the famous "el Norte" winds, colder currents that mix with heat that generate either very strong or steady 20 + knots conditions, and once these cold fronts pass, 85 % of the time the wind will start to blow either in an east or southeast wind direction, meaning toward   the beach. During a lesson a beginner should be taught that one of the 3 things you must take into account and focus on before rigging, preparing, launching and getting going is to evaluate in which direction the wind is actually blowing based on your area of practice, since this will allow you to either have a safe exp